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Biografien om Sigrid Undset av Anne B. Ragde, first paper book and not kindle, since 2 years ago, bought and signed by Ragde herself in Ilaparken. I love it. Sigrid had memories of her being 15 months old.

Since I am so fascined by this book and by Sigrid Undset I would like several persons to hear her voice. Sigrid was herself concerned by hearing the voices of the dead people. Some of Undset books are freely available now. I have just downloaded Jenny to my kindle.


1. open this URL – the file pg32245.mobi should appear in your download directory
2. send to your kindle email address this file

If you like this post, I will add several posts about how to use calibre to buy norwegian books for the kindle and other tricks.
.ps do not read Undset in NOrwegian unless you have read several Norwegian books from before, it is too difficult. I have read Kristin Lavransdatter in Italian when I had already lived here for many years as it was too difficult in Norwegian. Now it is ok.

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