my #blog #italy #italia #ExpoMilano2015 @ntnu – some words without precise focus #reading #Mazzucco

There is EXPO in Milan. Even my mother who is almost 80 talks about Expo. Think to be able to experience EXPO. I have felt in love with these buildings (architect Stefano Boeri). We should have something like this for the new NTNU, preferably on top of the new Computer Science Department, with all the Norwegian tree kinds, furu, ask, etc., like our unix servers at IDI.

I am reading Limbo by Melania G. Mazzucco, I should read a PhD thesis and work more with email, but I read Limbo too. It is a very innovative book about an Italian female sergent in Afganistan, the book is poetic, I jump over the war descriptions as I have never managed to absorbe them since the time we were reading Aeneid at school.

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