@ntnu more about Reidar Conradi life and papers

2015-04-13 21.08.15
February 1990 – farewell party for Letizia @Reidar’s home Bjørn Munch, Anund Lie, a friend of mine I do not remember the name.
2015-04-13 21.08.57
Anund Lie, me, Espen Osjord.

my first farewell party – after 6 months in Trondheim, like Even-André Karlsson told me “you can always check ut you can never leave”

Some relevant papers (there are 50 more, check google scholar)

  • Reidar Conradi, Anund Lie, Espen Osjord, Per H. Westby, Vincenzo Ambriola, Maria Letizia Jaccheri, Chunnian Liu:
    Software Process Modelling in EPOS. CAiSE 1990: 109-133
  • Conradi, R., Hagaseth, M., Larsen, J. O., Nguyen, M. N., Munch, B. P., Westby, P. H., … & Liu, C. (1994). Object-oriented and cooperative process modeling in epos. In IN PROMOTER BOOK: ANTHONY FINKELSTEIN, JEFF KRAMER AND BASHAR A. NUSEIBEH (EDS.): SOFTWARE PROCESS MODELING AND TECHNOLOGY.

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