Reidar Conradi @ntnu

Picture taken in 2001

Professor Reidar Conradi has applied for honorably discharge (“Avskjed i nåde er et uttrykk som benyttes når embetsmenn slutter i tjenesten normalt etter søknad eller oppnådd aldersgrense”) from 01/05/15 and will receive emeritus status by IDI from the same date. There will be a celebration the 3rd June 2015. Invitations will be sent. If you have suggestions contact me.

I have promised to Reidar that I will write about him and I start by this blog post today after a beautiful PhD dissertation and celebration. I have several pictures of Reidar but not many. If you have pictures contact me. Reidar has been immatriculated in 1965, I would love to have the immatriculation pictures from 1965. This makes 50 years @Gløshaugen.

I first met him 25 years ago. Reidar is the person I have learned most from and with. Something he told me 25 years ago I understood after 15 years. Something I still do not understand. I understand the importance of publishing, Internationalization, PhD education, research groups as opposite of research loneliness. I understand the importance to be stuborn to succeed, I do not know if it is possible to become stuborn if you are not by nature. To be contnued.

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