“det har blitt mye spilling ja” @reganmandryk @GetKahoot @haltraet

“det har blitt mye spilling ja” Have you pronounced, thought, heard this sentence in this Christmas vacation? May be you should read this post and help me and each other!
My friends do not dare to blame computer games too much in front of me. Somebody still remembers with relief that I posted a picture from ICEC 2011 in Vancouver with Regan Mandryk displaying her slides with
“How playing games can make you a better person”.

But I admit that at the end of a long, peaceful and very much computergamesplayful vacation, I doubt if my sons have become better persons during this vacation and I find my self googling: “computer games addiction” and that I am reading sites like:
1. http://www.video-game-addiction.org/symptoms-computer-addiction-teens.html
2. http://www.ung.no/spill/
3. http://www.wikihow.com/Fight-Computer-Game-Addiction

Are these good?
Somebody writes that we parents should sit together with our teenagers and play. I – in spite of my 31 years with computer science – do not manage to drive a flight in a 3D space and shoot. I cannot orienteer myself in Trondheim center, can you imagine me driving in the space?
Somebody states that we should count the hours of playing and establish rules. If we try to switch off the wireless network, we get reactions like are trying to negate access to water to thirsty people. “I am doing my homework! You switch off the internet!!!”.
I am aware that the solution (or a start for the solution) must be to sit around a table or walk around a park and talk. May be starting with: “How did all this playing-games make you a better person?”.
.ps my very best playing moments: Kahoot! with young and old ones at new year evening, Wordfeud with H., and Burraco Jogatina with Laura

One thought on ““det har blitt mye spilling ja” @reganmandryk @GetKahoot @haltraet”

  1. We played Kahoot on new years eve too! Great fun for the whole family. I am not sure if you become at better person by playing games….I´m afraid not. But I learn a lot more from Kahoot than from FIFA 15..


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