Julebord 2014 – speach and pictures – thanks to all

Tri Erik Guttorm julebord

Almost 2 years have gone since I applied for this job in the spring 2013. I had an idea that it should be a challenging job but I could not predict that each day should be so interesting and I should learn so many new things.

The person database says that there are 127 employees at IDI, not counting guests like our dear emeriti and ERCIM post docs. Trond told us today that we are responsible for 7054 exams. You know that I like people more than numbers and I like each of you each day more, when I learn about your scientific achievements and your life fragments.

I could list a lot of numbers and successful stories about research and education. I am proud of each of you and it is a source of energy to get the attention and the time I get with you. The focus this evening is on people, the happy, nice, intelligent people in this room. I want to thank Birgit, Kai, Anders, and Kristin. I want to thank you all for being here this evening and make this evening into a nice experience for everybody and a good memory for those who are temporary here with us and will bring this positive memory about Norwegian Julebord to their world.

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