Kristin Spilker 1967 – 2014 Det gjelder å ha mot

Today I said goodbye to a friend I have been knowing for 17 years. A friend who once borrowed me one piece of her mathernity clothes. A friend who had so much sense of humor or may be empaty who was one of the first and few who used to laugh when I translated jokes from Italian to Norwegian.
Several persons, including her husband, refers to a sentence that Kristin was often repeating expecially in the last weeks “Det gjelder å ha mot”. It is important to be brave. When somebody was talking about hope, Kristin was talking about courage.
This picture has been taken 3 weeks before Kristin’s death, we were at a concert. One week before she died she was telling me on the facebook chat about her plans to visit Napoli and Rome with her family. “I am looking forward”, are the last words she wrote in our chat. It is brave to look forward. Det gjelder å ha mot til å glede seg. Takk for alt Kristin.

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