Happy vacation – God Sommer – Buone vacanze


I wish all IDI’s employees and students a nice summer. It has been a interesting year. The best part is that I have learned a lot more about you nice and clever people and I am each day impressed about your achievements, big and small, concerning teaching, research, and good cooperation inside the groups.

One of my focus area is openness. I use this occasion to remind you that all the meetings arena we have had this year. Each meeting is well documented (thanks to Birgit, Ellen, Berit) and all the documentation is available at our intranet. Click on About IDI/Organization as in the picture below.

Here the list of all the official meetings:

6 Teacher– faglæremøte

2 Board – Styremøte

12 Management Team – Ledergruppemøte

3 Open meetings – Allmøte

7 Research Committee – Forskningsutvalg

6 Teaching committee – Studieprogramrådet

For other information about this year activities at the department click here https://letiziajaccheri.org/tag/idi/

Thanks for this year, for the kind support and critical input. And again Happy summer.

During July I will be in the place illustrated by the picture above. The picture is taken approximately 100 years ago – even before I was born 🙂

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