sad day for Italy and for me. First, bomb outside school in Brindisi kills a girl and injured five other girls.
Then earthquake in north Italy. What makes me extremely sad are the words of a good friend of mine, she says that she has a conspiration theory about the bomb. “It is Mr. B. who wants to create fear among people as he did with other terrorism acts in 1993” she writes to me on the wordfeud chat line. I did not know about these theories. I have in practice not lived in the country since middle 1990. I do not wish here to present or to deny conspiration theories of this kind. I only feel it is terribly sad when a country (or a family or an organization) cannot get the relief one can get, when gathering in grief.

One thought on “sad”

  1. Non riesco a capacitarmi di quello che è accaduto. Forse mi farebbe star meglio, e riuscirei a capacitarmene, solo se pensassi che fosse il risultato di una singola mente malata, tipo quella di Utøya.


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