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gleden av å være sammen med #IDI studenter – Svein Richard #Brandtzaeg, President and CEO of #Norsk #Hydro ASA @ntnu

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NTNU Board has visited Drivhus today. Board director Svein Richard Brandtzaeg, President and CEO of Norsk Hydro ASA talks to our students.
Thanks to Tri M. Nguyen for being such a good guide.
Thanks to Urd Schjetne and Roger Roger Midtstraum for making Drivhus possible @IDI.

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After a tough week with jet leg, a cold that I fight with a lot of paraset, meetings among which a four hours meeting with the whole faculty leader group and the rector group, I sit here and read NTNU strategy. Under Research and artistic activities there is:

• We will give priority to internationalization and develop expertise in initiating, participating in and leading international research projects.
• We will identify and develop talents in research and art, and establish mechanisms to maintain and develop academic environments in the top international league.
• We will concentrate our research through robust academic environments of high quality and with a clear academic profile.
• We will strengthen the fundamental, long-term research and enabling technologies such as ICT, biotechnology and nanotechnology.
• We will work to ensure that the public and private sectors seek and value doctoral graduates.

sharing documents @idintnu @imefakultetet

Thanks to Birgit Sørgård and Jan Grønsberg who help me to share important documents with IDI employees. Thanks to Nina Kotte who is a good communication inspiration for me. 

Strategy, resource plan (bemanningsplan), and FRIKT document are now available at our Intranet under About IDI / Organizational Documents. Please give me feedback about this. Do we need a Intranett course by Nina? She is willing to give such a course for IDI.

Strategy, vision, values, and schemas

Try to balance between

By the way I visited Kantega this morning, in the context of a NxtMedia event. Ispiring lecture by Jon Espen Ingvaldsen

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