IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC2015)


Dates: 30 September 2015 – 2 October 2015

Location: Trondheim Norway

General Conference Chair – Letizia Jaccheri Co-Chair: Konstantinos Chorianopoulos

Program Co-Chairs Monica Divitini – Rainer Malaka

Local Chair Sobah Abbas Petersen

Industry and Sponsor Chair Andrew Perkis

Web and Publicity Chair Alf Inge Wang

Doctoral consortium chair Helmut Hlavacs University of Vienna

Workshop Chair Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge University of Bremen.

Conference Advisory Committee

  • Matthias RAUTERBERG, Since 2012 elected as chair of IFIP TC14 (term 2013-2015)
  • Sydney Fells Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of British Columbia
  • Hyun Seung Yang,KAIST Computer Science AI & Media Lab Republic of Korea

Program Committee

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