Women in CS


  • Initiator for weLead since 2014 – focus on Leadership skills for female computer science (CS) researchers (see publications)
  • Initiator for Kodeløypa – focus on recruiting teenagers to CS (see publications)
  • Participates to H2020, 2016–2019 Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote STEM Education (UMI-Sci-Ed)
  • member of Informatics Europe working group “Women in Informatics Research and Education (Wire)

Blog posts about Women in CS @NTNU

I work each day to contribute to reach the goal of gender balance in academia. Concretely I have initiated the following projects:

  • Pilot 1 – In life you are either a passenger or a pilot, it’s your choice – is a project run at NTNU in 2014 that has implemented actions with the goal of increasing participation of women in leadership positions in Computer Science Research – Blog posts about Pilot 1
  • Pilot 2 IDI and ITEM get a grant (200.000 NOK) from NTNU for Pilot2 – 2015. Pilot2 – 2015 builds on PIlot 1 and aims at connecting to WIE ILC (IEEE 2015 Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference), ACM, and to Ada project.
    • Kickoff dinner  27th of february 2015. Place announced. Look forward to it!
  • WeLead (2016) – Kick off in Gjøvik 11.1.2016

Gender balance in academia is a recognized goal in the Norwegian society, see for example «St.meld. nr. 30, Klima for forskning (2008-2009)». Recruiting women to Computer (CS) professor positions in Norway is particularly challenging for three reasons:

1. The number of women in CS is decreasing.
2. Norwegian CS candidates get job offers that are more attractive than PhD positions.
3. It is challenging for women with postdoctoral positions to qualify for permanent scientific positions.

The challenge of recruiting girls to Computer Science studies has been addressed by NTNU through several successfull programs, see Ada. I have contributed to this movement by setting up and coordinating the following projects:

  • Our Toys project Creative play with information technology, partially supported by IME/NTNU, Remida/Trondheim Municipality. Descriptions and main activities in the following years:

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