TDT 4140 Software Engineering

The goal of this page is to augment the formal information provided by NTNU official description of the software engineering course, the course home page, and the material available on it’s learning. The purpose is to have an open channel to share information and experience about this course with National and International colleagues (both in Academia and in Industry)  as well as providing a more informal channel of communication with students. Students and colleagues are invited to comment. From 2012-2013 I am responsible for this course.

Information is added in Chronological order (in blog style). At the end of the page a list of software engineering terms and its translation in Norwegian is under construction.

 Eclipse har integrasjon for alle disse.

Glossary Norsk – Engelsk (for software engineering – the glossary is under construction)

See also Fellesordliste for dataord på – bokmål
en bruker – user

en firma – company

en funksjon – feature

et krav – a requirement

et kunde – a customer

en leveranse – deliverable

et marked – market

en milepæl – milestone

en modell – model

planlegging – planning

et produkt – a product

programvare – software

project management – project management

release management – release management

et selskap – company

å teste – to test

et tjeneste – service

tjenesteorientert arkitektur – service oriented architecture

en utvikler – developer

vedlikehold – maintenance

ytelse – performance

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