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Reidar logs off

Dear Reidar human life is a mystery and what makes human beings more interesting than software, scientific papers, and artworks is that we are mysterious individual that play different roles and engage in different relations. Only those who die young can be forever young.

I have had a long relation to you and I have played several roles from being an exchange student who knew nothing about research and software engineering and learned everything from you and the students around you to becoming your last boss

As your last boss I want to thank you for all the resources you have brought to IDI and to the Norwegian and International Computer Science community. I do not say more about this as the whole day is about this.

As your last boss I have had one goal. To support you toward a valuable and honorable conclusion of your career.

It is not up to me to judge if I have been a good boss. I have always thought a lot – sometimes even too much about you – about how to respect you, love you and be thankful.

Enjoy your day.

@imefakultet @ntnu open day for Big @NTNU

Program at the Computer Science (IDI) department. The common IME program follow.
here my slides for the common part

All scientific personnel (including phd students) will be invited and the meeting will be held in English. Meeting 12.15 in room 454

  • 12.15 -12.30 Room 454 Welcome by Department Head Letizia Jaccheri
  • Visit to the student area “Drivhuset” and hackerspace and group working
  • 14.30 Room 454 Trond Aalberg – Presentation of Education trends in Computer Science and goals for the new NTNU – figures and facts
  • Room 454 Discussion and conclusions
  • 15.30 end

Programmet før lunsj foregår i auditorium EL6, Elektrobygget.

Kl. 08:30–08:45 Oppmøte og mingling. Kaffe
08:45-09:10 Velkommen til NTNU og IME-fakultetet.
09:10–10:10 Presentasjoner fra HiG, HiST og HiÅ.
10:10­–10:25 Pause
10:25–11:10 IMEs institutter presenterer seg
11:10-11:30 Omvisning på Gløshaugen, inkludert felles besøk på P15-laben
11:30–12:15 Felles lunsj, Hangaren
12:15-15:30 Program på instituttene. Se detaljer under.
15:30 Slutt

University Merge @ntnu @imefakultetet @HiGjovik @hials @HiSTnews #computerscience #datateknologi #informatikk

I have promised at our IDI’s strategy seminar that I will work for sharing information about the merge process to IDI’s employees. I am aware that http://www.ntnu.no/fusjon exists and this is only a simple supplement for IDI and friends.

What will happen:

  • 28th May – open day @ime Program from 8.30 to 12.15 common with IME – From 12.30 @IDI Room 454
  • Visit to HiG 8th June – Responsible Mads Nygård
  • Visit to Hials 18 May – Responsible Mads Nygård
  • Visit to Hist 4th Juni – Responsible Letizia Jaccheri and Trond Aalberg 



I was inspired and impressed by the meeting with Nils, Per, and not least Anniken whom I met for the first time but I had the impression we had been colleagues for ages. #women-in-computing

IDI employees are very wise and they give good advice for this merge process.

A classic Letizia’s reflection, we will do a lot of mistakes and we will say something that is not perfect since we are not educated as diplomatic. I hope we will forgive each other mistakes and we will make something new together.

Reidar Conradi @ntnu

Picture taken in 2001

Professor Reidar Conradi has applied for honorably discharge (“Avskjed i nåde er et uttrykk som benyttes når embetsmenn slutter i tjenesten normalt etter søknad eller oppnådd aldersgrense”) from 01/05/15 and will receive emeritus status by IDI from the same date. There will be a celebration the 3rd June 2015. Invitations will be sent. If you have suggestions contact me.

I have promised to Reidar that I will write about him and I start by this blog post today after a beautiful PhD dissertation and celebration. I have several pictures of Reidar but not many. If you have pictures contact me. Reidar has been immatriculated in 1965, I would love to have the immatriculation pictures from 1965. This makes 50 years @Gløshaugen.

I first met him 25 years ago. Reidar is the person I have learned most from and with. Something he told me 25 years ago I understood after 15 years. Something I still do not understand. I understand the importance of publishing, Internationalization, PhD education, research groups as opposite of research loneliness. I understand the importance to be stuborn to succeed, I do not know if it is possible to become stuborn if you are not by nature. To be contnued.

Call for Workshop and Tutorial proposals to IFIP ICEC 2015, Trondheim, Norway

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit Workshop and Tutorial proposals to the IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing 2015 (ICEC 2015), Trondheim, Norway, September 29th. The deadline is March 26th, 2015.

Workshops and tutorials are free to register for ICEC attendees. Workshops and tutorials will run on Tuesday 29th September. The duration of the workshop and tutorials can be half day or full day.

Please find more information about topics and submission at http://icec2015.idi.ntnu.no/

Bærekraftig samfunnsutvikling – er det mulig? -adressa.no @ntnu

Bærekraftig samfunnsutvikling – er det mulig? -adressa.no.

Written by ANNIK MAGERHOLM FET, yet another smart woman professor @NTNU and one of my mentors when I was a young associate professor at NTNU in late 90’s. “Students want meaningfull projects” writes Annik. So do we professors, at least I.