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Article on Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten titled
“Den sterke mannen er ikke lederidealet. Den lekne kvinnen er den nye sterke mannen”. It translates to “The strong man is not anymore the ideal leader. The playful woman is the new strong man.”

Anita Krohn Traaseth is the director of Hewlett-Packard Norway, blogger since 2005 and has recently published a book #godtnokfordesvina.
Interesting. To be continued.

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Il Kindle in italiano, un nuovo mondo. Non so cosa scegliere, google “premio strega”, viene fuori Il Dolore Perfetto. Il titolo mi fa paura, ma Ugo Riccarelli, nato in Piemonte fissuto a Pisa, mi incuriosisce e inizio. Inizio una settimana che oltre a mangiare, lavorare e il minimo indispensabile, leggo. Leggo di Rosa, Ulisse, Annina, i vari Ideale, i vari Sole, l’Oreste. Si mescolano alle Fernande e ai Fernandi morti di Spagnola di cui parlava mia nonna. Il maestro e’ il mio bisononno che i fascisti gli buttavano giu’ i mobili dalla finestra. L’Ulisse e’ l’altro mio nonno. Il Colle e’ Pescia, forse Barga. L’Ucraina e’ la Norvegia, che qualsiasi fiume ti sembra il tuo fiume. La macchina Liberta’ sono i motori che erano la nostra poesia prima che arrivassero i computer. Finisco il libro e accendo San Remo. I miei compagni di classe son con me su facebook a ridere del mago Silvan. La macchina della vita, Liberta’.

updated my #books page with #kindle novels

I have update my books page with two short novels I have written some years ago and now available on Kindle

They are:

Stalking [Kindle Edition], Letizia Jaccheri

I due racconti (Italian Edition) [Kindle Edition] Letizia Jaccheri

Any resemblance to real events and/or to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental


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I am reading the Buddha in the Attic (read 50%). I am somehow disappointed as charatecters are so generic that it is impossible to  love or hate or admire one. I do not give up as the theme – immigration  by Japanese into US – is interesting and the text is poetic. First time I read a book written in “we” form and that is a kind of generalization of the life of many women.

“where we lay awake every evening staring up at the American stars, which looked no different from ours: there, up above us, was the …”

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It has happened again. I started to read a book and I was enchanted. As with Russian novels, I had to write down all the names of people and places. Since I was reading on Kindle I could not write on the book itself.
Ifemelu: the main female character, brave, impulsive, curious, successful blogger. She used to blog about race, blogs about life in the happy end.
Princeton: the American University town where the book starts.
Aunty Uju: near friend and relative of Ifemelu, we meet her as a medical doctor in US, later on we learn that she has been the mistress of a killed Nigerian general.
Ginika: Ifemelu’s friend from Nigeria. She helps Ifemelu to settle down when she first arrives in US.
Blaine: ifemelu’s boyfriend of her last three years in Us. University professor at Princeton.
Obinze: second main character. Ifemelu’s first and last boyfriend of the book. He represents her country and her life love or love to life. Also called The Zed by friends and Ceiling by Ifemelu.
Dike: Ifemelu’s cousin, son of Aunty Uju and the general.
Ranyunudo: Ifemelu’s girl friend through life.
Igbo: People of South-East Nigeria
Kosi: Obinze’s wife.
Buchi: Obinze’s daughter.
Nsukka: Nigerian town.
Lagos: Nigerian city, capital until 1991.
Curt: Ifemelu’s boyfriend during her early days in US. He helps her to become an American citizen.
Americanah jumps on top of my own book range, before Anna Karenina and Knausgård Min Kamp. Reading this book I went inside my own never ending longing and integration process; I learned about Nigeria and its growing middle class I did not know anything about before; I read an exquisite English text that was perfect for somebody like me who has and always will have English as a second or third language.
.ps the book inspired me to add a donate button to this blog, mainly to explore new ways to support research and dissemination

.pps added 18.01 youtube video TED talk

Old blog

My blog can be read here. The Italian splinder platform closed and it was an occasion for me to conclude seven years of not strategic blogging. I have blogged in English, Italian, Norwegian, on life, research, and everything. A lot of fun and now a great opportunity (700 pages) to look at  about what i have done, achieved, observed, not achieved. Today I have an urgent need to share my feelings and observations about the Utøya process, I do not want in fact to write, tell, remember his name, as I do not want to give me the attention he is looking for. But this is blog about my working life, so I will not share feelings.