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“Who cares for you?’ said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) ‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”
Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Finished listening to Alice nel paese delle meraviglie [Alice’s Adventures … by …. Try and get it free:

Big pleasure – I payed 1 $ and I wonder why I did not read Alice properly before. A lot of fantastic sentences. Here one of my favorite. It can be good to have in mind and heart when somebody makes us afraid.


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Non Volare via – Sara Rattaro – si legge in un giorno, piacevole, molto italiano. temi: sordita’, fedelta’, amori giovanili.

Un uso qualunque di te – Sara Rattaro – anche questo si legge in un giorno, ancora la fedelta’, anzi l’infedelta’ e la famiglia, ma l’idea che non vi rivelo e’ originale.

La mia Londra – Simonetta Agnello Hornby – l’idea di raccontare un argomento, in questo caso Londra, attraverso la propria biografia mi e’ caro. Pero’ non conosco abbastanza Londra per appassionarmi a questo libro. Non l’ho finito, lo consiglio a chi conosce a ama Londra piu’ di me.

The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah – I read it on Kindle and listened on Audible. Listening is tough at the beginning. Reading is ok, I cannot say that I love this book but I did not give up and afterwards I started to enjoy. It is about World War two in France. The idea that the reader does not know who is the old woman who comes back to France is good. Infact of the three possible women I was not thinking of the correct one. I cannot reveal it here. The author has done good research but still the book is too American for me who have listed to stories about the second war narrated by grand parents and grand aunt and even my mother.

All of Us and Everything: A Novel – Bridget Asher –  first started on Audible but I could not follow. I bought on Kindle and I do not like either. I have read all by jumping a bit. Too american for my taste.

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Kjære Anne B. Ragde
Takk for at du skrev Jeg har et teppe i tusen farger. Takk for at du beskriver Kongesgate, Trondheim, Norge i den tiden – 70 tallet – når origano og pizza kom til Trøndelag. Takk for at du deler med oss at dere hadde utedo, at du var urimelig med din mor, for eksempel når hun jobbet og slitet for å ordne lunsj med dine fremtide svigerforeldre. Jeg har aldri hatt utedo, hvis du ser bort på de 7 år som jeg har hatt hytte på Klemetsaunet, min mor var ikke fattig, men jeg også har spist min første lunsj med norske svigerforeldre som ikke hadde noe som helst i felles med meg eller min mor og som ikke var interesserte i hverken mat eller drikke. Jeg også har vært og er urimelig og utakknemlig. Gud så utakknemlig kan jeg være, mye verre enn det du har beskrevet du har vært.
Takk for at du delte historien om den canadiske professor som sitter og venter på drosje med våt hår. Hun hadde en hel historie bak seg, med orangutanger og bøker hun hadde skrevet. Som deg, som din mor, som meg, som alle de hundre mennesker som vi treffer hver dag og – takke være deg og andre forfattere som deler – kan vi bli bevisst, selv uten å bli fortalt – at enhver har  en historie med orangutanger , hunder, sønner, mødre, vi kan forestille oss.
Du skriver på en måte som Ferrante, men din mor Birte har en humor som ingen i Ferrantes verden har, din mor, med sine tre BH, den gode, den onde og de grusomme, er jeg blitt godt kjent med, og vet du hva? Jeg skal prøve å bli kjent med noen av de få eldre damer som vi fremdeles har i Ila i håp å få en bit av deres historier. I følge min lydbok er jeg kommet til kapittel 64 av 82. Jeg må lytte meg videre. Jeg er som din mor, man kan vel ikke bruke en hel uke for å lese en bok, hvis det er lydbok må jeg bare gå litt mer, gå og lytte. Og da skal jeg kjøpe Arsenikktårn og fabulere litt mer om hvordan og hvorfor Britte, du og jeg er som vi er. Igjen takk.

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I always have a favorite book, not always the same. A Man by Oriana Fallaci has been my favorite book for many years starting from late 70’s. In the 80’s I met Marquez, Allende, Moravia. I read Anna Karenina in the 90’s and for many years it was my beloved one. I had a crash on De Carlo’s Due di Due but it could not replace Anna K. I read each day. It does not matter how tired, or angry, or happy. I even read a book when my first child was born and they left me alone in the room afterwards. Like an addicted, I read when the children were small, English, Norwegian, once I even read a book in Portuguese which I do not know only because I did not have anything else to read. Then Kindle, and audio books came and the situation changed a bit – I would never read a book in Portugese now – but reading remains the same, reading is life.

Knausgård’s six books made such a strong effect on me that I did not manage to read any books for a couple of months. I only read newspapers, which usually I do not read. During winter 2015, I discovered Elena Ferrante. She took me back to Italy and back in time, she took me to Napoli, Pisa, Firenze, and Torino. She took me in Italian school classrooms, universities, dirty small streets, lies and intrigues. Ferrante’s Lila learnt even how to program computers and redeems his life with informatics. I was ecstatic and reading the third book Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, I almost felt that I had come back to Italy my self.

The fourth book – The Story of the Lost Child – disappointed me a bit but still for many weeks, the tetralogy and its Lila, Elena, and Nino, were in my heart in the place where Alexandros Panagoulis, Anna Karenina, and Karl Ove have had the privilege of being before.

When I should write my reflections about Ferrante’s tetralogy, suddenly a couple of days ago, I found out that audible.com had audio books in Italian. The list of the last Strega prizes brings me to Mazzucco’s Vita.

Vita means life and Vita is also the name of one of the two main characters. Vita and Diamante are two 10 years old who come to New York in 1903. I am impressed that somebody, Melania Gaia Mazzucco, manages to write about a time and a place that is not her in such an epic, strong, beautiful way. Now it is clear that Ferrante has lived through the 50’s, the 60’s, and the years until now, and even if we do not know her, we assume that her story is a kind of autobiography if not a la Knausgård. On the contrary, Mazzucco’s book is an artwork that clearly comes from fantasy, great ability and hard research work. Colors, smells, kisses, death bodies, hair, fire, water, every ingredient is so well used, never misused, to tell the story of the story. To tell the story about young love and young hope.

It is also a story of immigration of the Italian people that all Italian should read in these years. We, Italian people, were suffering and dying in the same way, may be even more unfortunates than those unfortunates who suffer and die now to reach Italy.

I wish I was a writer and not a scientist as writers write about what nobody knows. No happy ending but Vita and Diamante together in my heart.

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I am reading both Jenny and The Last Letter of your Lover.

I must admit I am a bit confused, this is a disadvantage of kindle that you have too many books you can switch between.

Moreover, The Last letter reminds me of What Alice Forgot. I mix

  • Liane Moriarty (read What Alice forgot) –
  • Jojo Moyes (read Me before you) – Me before you very good.
  • David Nicholls (read About Us, One day) – One day very good.

So those who ask me “how do you manage to read so many books?” I am struggling a bit and I am not up to date with reviews either.

Concerning Jenny, each Norwegian travelling to Italy should read it. Still relevant. I am so proud I manage to read Undset, it took me 26 years. I remember I tried to read Undset and Hamsun’s Pan in late 80’s and it was like Arabic for me. So there is hope for everybody to learn languages.

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Biografien om Sigrid Undset av Anne B. Ragde, first paper book and not kindle, since 2 years ago, bought and signed by Ragde herself in Ilaparken. I love it. Sigrid had memories of her being 15 months old.

Since I am so fascined by this book and by Sigrid Undset I would like several persons to hear her voice. Sigrid was herself concerned by hearing the voices of the dead people. Some of Undset books are freely available now. I have just downloaded Jenny to my kindle.


1. open this URL – the file pg32245.mobi should appear in your download directory
2. send to your kindle email address this file

If you like this post, I will add several posts about how to use calibre to buy norwegian books for the kindle and other tricks.
.ps do not read Undset in NOrwegian unless you have read several Norwegian books from before, it is too difficult. I have read Kristin Lavransdatter in Italian when I had already lived here for many years as it was too difficult in Norwegian. Now it is ok.

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I want to congratulate you, to invite you to use your life, your title master of Science and your dreams to do what you like to do and what is right for you and those around you. I want also to reflect about IT and life and I hope to convince you (if you are not already convinced)  that we human beings become more and more important as the role of IT expands.

IT is somehow magic, even for those like us who understands and creates the internal of IT.

When I was a little girl I started to read quite early and I have always liked to read. One of my first book is Pinocchio. Pinocchio has been written in 1883 by Carlo Collodi who used to live in the same town as my mother and grandmother, a town called Pescia somewhere in the middle of Tuscany between Pisa and Firenze. So the sentences from the book were not only words in the book but words and sentences that were repeated several times during the day to entertain us or to give us advice or to criticize us.

“Now your nose is long” could my grandmother say if I was lying about something. Pinocchio was very lucky as he had been given the possibility to live almost as an human being. The blue fairy, “la fata” had informed Pinocchio that he can become a real boy if he proves himself to be “brave, truthful, and unselfish”

Pinocchio had been given the possibility to go to school. However, Pinocchio did a lot of mistakes, like selling his book to buy the entrance to an entertainment park. As a consequences of his mistakes Pinocchio must experience a lot of challenges

The puppet is brought to life by the blue fairy, who confirms that he that he can become a real boy if he proves himself to be “brave, truthful, and unselfish”

His mistakes made Pinocchio in a real human beings.

Alda Merini (1931 – 2009), poetessa e scrittrice italiana.

Ma anche io come Pinocchio vendo il mio abbecedario per un bacio d’amore.

But I also like Pinocchio sell my “book” for a kiss of love .

L’amica geniale – My Brilliant Friend – Mi briljante venninne

  • L’amica geniale
  • English translation: My Brilliant Friend
  • Nynorsk Mi briljante venninne

Letizia’s score 9.5/10 – I love it. I have already started Storia del nuovo cognome, L’amica geniale volume 2. I am almost happy to have a cold and I have to be inside and read the whole day 🙂

I grew up 20 years later and 500 Km north from the places narrated in the book. Still a lot of memories come up. It is a journey in the past, Italy, the mystery of friendship, the power of education. I recomend to everybody. And I will read it again in nynorsk – sometimes 🙂


Storia del nuovo cognome – mentre leggo gia’ Storia di chi parte e di chi resta, ecco i miei commenti al secondo libro della quadrilogia. Costruito sullo schema di Anna Karenina, il libro parte in tante direzioni. Elena va a Pisa e mi colpise che l’autore conosce meglio Pisa di Napoli. Lila si sposa bambina, diventa amante di Nino. Oh come mi sta antipatico Nino, e Nino e i figli di lui veri e presunti spuntano fuori in tutto il volume. Lila diventa ricca e bella e qualche cinquantina di pagine dopo povera e brutta. Si capisce che la salveranno i calcolatori. Forse l’autore ci vuol far capire che Lila ha tendenze Asperger. Anche Elena e’ ossessiva nello studio, studia ma non impara a vivere. Comincio a pensare che l’autore non sia un autore o un’autrice ma un gruppo di persone, coordinate da un deus ex machina che ha preparato uno schema. Certe pagine sono bellissime, altre mi annoiano, comincio gia’ un po’ a mescolare il secondo con il terzo.

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Di Daria Bignardi ho gia’ letto

  1. Non vi lascerò orfani, 2009.
  2. Un karma pesante,  2010.
  3. L’acustica perfetta, 2012 vedi blog post

I primi due mi erano piaciuti ma non avevo ancora la passione per le recensioni e cosi’ per scriverne una recensione li dovrei rileggere. Mi fermo a scrivere una recensione quando mi manca 20% a finire il libro per fare una pausa e non finirlo subito. E per non svelare la fine.

Il Kindle mi ha cambiato la vita perche’ una domenica di inverno come ieri posso dire – oggi mi compro un libro in italiano e me lo leggo tutto. A chi ha Feltrinelli sotto casa questo sembra una cosa normale come aprire il rubinetto e bere un bicchier d’acqua per chi ha il rubinetto e il bicchiere. Ma io che vivo al 60 parallelo da venti anni e prima i libri in italiano li dovevo trasportare, chiedere, aspettare, ordinare, questo e’ per me un lusso come se dal rubinetto ci uscisse il prosecco o il vino novello, o il succo di limone appena spremuto.

L’amore che ti meriti e’ un inno a Ferrara. Citta’ che io ho visitato in gita scolastica nel 1982. Anche noi come la protagonista prendemmo in treno da Bologna a Ferrara. Anche a me Ferrara sembro’ tanto distante e diversa da Bologna, io la paragonai a Lucca.

La Bignardi scrive come vorrei scrivere io e quando Antonia cerca lo zio Maio spero con tutto il mio cuore che lo trovi e riesco a rivedere noi a Ferrara, con Augusto sempre battagliero che mi prende in giro che non trovo il castello che ce l’abbiamo davanti. E leggo e spero che anche io rivedro’ tutti quando arrivo su al castello.

Il libro in certi punti e’ tirato via, ora e’ vero che lo devo ancora finire, ma e’ tirato via perche’ mescola il problema della droga a quello dello sterminio degli ebrei, e il figlio che non e’ forse del padre e i due Vincent che spuntano dal nulla danno uno stampo e’ un po’ caotico. Metti troppa carne al fuoco, avrei detto se a scrivere fosse stata la Laura. Pero’ Ferrara la fa vedere e vivere anche a una come me che e’ Ferrara c’e’ stata una volta in un passato remoto solo un anno dopo la strage alla stazione di Bologna e il buco alla stazione di Bologna sembrava normale, e io guarda caso avevo 17 anni  e per citare la Bignardi “Avevo diciassette anni, non lo sapevo che eravamo felici”.