I am happy to be 50 and have such a good health and good job. I have also a good family and I celebrated with my family last saturday so today I want to say something that has with work to do.
The first time I should administrate a PhD defense and I was quite nervous, Arne Sølberg told me that my focus should not be on the candidate nor the opponents but on the phD students in the room, they should learn something. So the focus now should not be on me but on trying to say something that make you reflect and may be learn something new.
I am not going to list my achievements as everything is on my blog, google scholars and so on and it would be very boring and a bit selfish. I will not share all my mistakes either – you do not want to know – I can say that I have not been always so strategic.
At school for example, I studied german, latin, greek, art, Italian literature. Then I choosed CS and when I was a CS student at the university of Pisa I had to stay up several nights to catch up with math and with books that were written in English. And, my first scientific papers get so many red corrections by the pen of professor Conradi, that in fact those papers are the only items I regret I have discarded. There are still the applications in the NFR systems, some evaluations are quite negative, so if you get a bad evaluation and you feel down, you should come to me and I promise I show some of my rejections. Some of my courses have been very good and some of my students are still in contact with me. I have enjoyed very much my art and technology experts in team villages. I have get bad evaluations for courses too. But I feel I have achieved a lot and I am very content and satisfied and I do not compare my self to other ones.

What I regret, in addition to having thrown the papers with the red corrections, are those times I have been stressed, rude, and I have not managed to listen what students or colleagues were trying to tell me.

Nevertheless, I have managed to become professor and department head. If I have to say something positive about me is that I like people, and I love smart people. It gives me a lot of energy to be together with talented, motivated people. I am not sure what I will do after 2017. For sure I want to continue to try to help smart young people to achieve their ambitious goals.

So thanks for the speach, the presents, for being here, and for 26 years more or less all-time@idi.

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Two totally different important things
1. Dalai Lama is in Trondheim – contratulations to NTNU students who manage to organize such unforgettable events like ISFIT http://www.universitetsavisa.no/incoming/article47759.ece – can you feel the peace coming?
2. Hallvard Trætteberg has made a fascinating computer program that combines chemistry and programming http://www.universitetsavisa.no/campus/article46955.ece – I love programming and dissemination and creative IDI employees

Call for Workshop and Tutorial proposals to IFIP ICEC 2015, Trondheim, Norway

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit Workshop and Tutorial proposals to the IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing 2015 (ICEC 2015), Trondheim, Norway, September 29th. The deadline is March 26th, 2015.

Workshops and tutorials are free to register for ICEC attendees. Workshops and tutorials will run on Tuesday 29th September. The duration of the workshop and tutorials can be half day or full day.

Please find more information about topics and submission at http://icec2015.idi.ntnu.no/

Olive Kitteridge

Thanks to the suggestion of a nabour (psychologist) I spent my weekend to look at this miniseries.
Olive coerces.
Henry wants to rescue, but does not manage to help much, too little assertive.
Chris and Denise are two different victims, Chris aggressive and Denise passive.
What do you think Kristine about my simple view of the characters?
A lot of fun and tears. I recomend it strongly.

Bærekraftig samfunnsutvikling – er det mulig? -adressa.no @ntnu

Bærekraftig samfunnsutvikling – er det mulig? -adressa.no.

Written by ANNIK MAGERHOLM FET, yet another smart woman professor @NTNU and one of my mentors when I was a young associate professor at NTNU in late 90’s. “Students want meaningfull projects” writes Annik. So do we professors, at least I.

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