22.07.2011 – 16.04.2012

Not to see that face, I do not even switch on the Norwegian TV. No Norwegian newspaper and no facebook. The idea that one of my “friends” publish his picture or, even worst write any razistic comment, keeps me away from old and new media.

I use to watch Italian TV around 20. and I could not avoid listen to the Italian journalist translating the most stupid sentence I wanted to hear – “I did it to defend the Norwegian race”.

Norwegian sociolist Thomas Hylland Eriksen writes today that Breivik will function as an antidote for right extremists. I cannot agree with him as I do not want to see anything positive associated with that unnameable person. Nor with right extremists and razists in general.

All in all, sad days, these days which remind all Norwegian people of the biggest catastrophe after second world war.

Trondheim girl, Gizem Dogan died at Utøya the 22nd of July, picture linked from http://www.adressa.no/multimedia/dynamic/01229/Gizem_Dogan_1229926c.jpg

What is the relationship between research and education?

And what is the role of interdisciplinarity and project work in IT education?

Yesterday 17th March I attended a workshop organized by IME. The goal of the workshop was that of getting feedback from the Norwegian IT industry representants about the ICT education provided at our faculty. Very positive that 30 persons decided to dedicate their day to this goal. Interesting discussions.

I am not sure if we manage to disseminate our “raison d’être” as an institution which has research and education as equally important and mutually dependent goals. Those people I talked with were not postive to interdisciplinarity nor project work as a tool for cooperative learning. Research&Education, interdisciplinarity, project work: I have used 22 years to practive and reflect about these issues.

Even a young student was advocating the effectiveness of professors teaching at the blackboard with their choke on the blackboard and individual exams.
I listened more than I talked. I wanted to shout and refer to my inspirators: Lev Vygotskij, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and my own professor Conradi. But I was polite and I listened. I have at least 22 more years to insist on research, interdisciplinarity, and project work.

Seminar om kunst og vitenskap

29. februar kl. 19:00
I en stadig mer teknologisk og digital verden setter seminaret spørsmål ved hva kunst og vitenskap har felles og hvordan de kan hjelpe oss på vår vei til forståelse av oss selv og verden.
Panelet består av Annika Borg (kunstner) og Letizia Jaccheri (NTNU). Ordstyrer er Jon-Arild Johansen fra Trondheim Kunstmuseum.
Seminaret arrangeres av NTNU Vitenskapsenteret, på TKM Gråmølna – gratis inngang.
Presentation ppt

Presentation pdf

Fra utstillingen Spiralen og kvadratet med verk av Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, Öyvind Fahlström og Fabio Morais

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