GAS Workshop at ICSE2012

Interesting paper, check the bib

Steven D. Fraser Director Cisco Research Center

Joey Lee, Director, Real World Impact Games Laboratory

Shaun Longstreet here (faculty development, soft skills, diversity, etc.)

Walt Scacchi, 10 years research for games for science, education, health like asma!! – “we have 40 faculties in games”

Walt Scacchi’s talk

I am attending the GAS workshop at the beautiful Irchel campus.


This week I am supposed to travel to ICSE2012 to present this paper (Evaluation of User Engagement and Message Comprehension in a Pervasive Software Installation). 18 years after my first ICSE in Sorrento, 1994. It may sound strange to South European, but here in Norway we are experiencing a long strike, which started thursdag 24th May. Gardemoen airport is looking as it looks in the picture. Tromsø airport has just closed. So I am really nervous about what the next days will bring. Follow me.

It should not snow the first of June

This morning it was snowing. Yes we are in Norway but it is the 1st of June. Still strike, both children get out of the house without keys. Fortunately I have a good friend who has the keys and saved both. I get nosebleeds on my Friday jogging-lunch with a friend.colleague. I also get a call on the same run, that the fire alarm of the house had gone. When I came home with my face full of blood, 5 strong firemen wanted to save me, but I told – I am sorry it is only nosebleeds. I went to the doctor to have a quick check, the value of something is too low and now I am on my way to Sant Olav to check other values. In the meantime I checked email and talked at the phone with two colleagues who are finalizing an application. Fortunately I have good colleagues. It should not snow the first of June.

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