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meta.morf a matter of feelings

Meta.Morf a matter of feelings. Yes a lot of feelings. 10 years have passed since the first time I participated to a Match Making festival. A lot of work, a lot of people involved, one artist, curator, person who started everything – Espen Gangvik, many people who believed in him and in this idea that art and technology can meet. That the match has to be made, even if it is very difficult, even if sometimes it seems we do not understand each others. So congratulations and thanks Espen for all these years with technology art in Trondheim. Thanks to TSSK for a nice and professional guided tour today.


Dissertation on Friday 5th December

On Friday I will be opponent and administrator for Vigdis Heimly’s PhD dissertation. The two other opponents are Prof. Christian Nøhr and Prof. Gunnar Hartvigsen

05/10 – Trial Lecture

Ethical issues in Medical informatics Research
– Rådsrommet G144, Elektrobygget 10:15

05/10 – PhD Defence

Electronic collaboration across organizational borders in the health care sector: Design and deployment from a national perspective
13:15 – Rådsrommet G144, Elektrobygget

I want to thank professor Arne Sølvberg for giving me the possibilities to be opponents of several nPhD students when I was a young and not so experienced professor. From Arne I learned the importance of academic formality and proudness. Champagne level, that is important.

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