Important info and Garbage

  • For hot water, have installed a modern Heat Pump Ariston NUOS PRIMO 80 – 100
  • For heating, conditioning, and air quality we have

Air Conditioning  indoor ASHG09LMCA outdoor AOHG09LMC. It is important that they are always on, otherwise the apartment (which is 200 years old) will develop humidity problems, bad for health and for the apartment itself. 

Summer Dry 26 C or less
Winter Heat 18 C or more

Please be aware about the garbage – We’d love NOT to bother you with this, but we really need your cooperation.


  1. There are no big trash bins in Pisa. All trash is collected after 13.00  door to door.
  2.  If you don’t throw the trash the cleaner will need to bring it at home and throw it later and I will be charged. 


  1. one for the mixed trash (inside the apartment) Italian INDIFFERENZIATO – collected Wednesday (if you prefer you can keep this in the garden too) (black plastic bags are in the drawer below the sink)
  2. one bin for paper (inside the apartment) Italian CARTA -collected Friday
  3. one for plastic/aluminium/glass (in the garden) Italian MULTIMATERIALE LEGGERO collected Monday (blue plastic bags are in the drawer below the sink)
  4. one for organic waster (one small in the house and one big in the garden) Italian ORGANICO collected Tuesday and Saturday (transparent white plastic bags are in the drawer below the sink)
  5. one for glass (inside the apartment) Italian VETRO- you have to bring to the nearest glass collector in Via del Capannone 100 meters from the house

The cleaner does not want to bring trash home!! – THANK You!

We know it’s a holiday and you’d rather not deal with this stuff.
 We really appreciate you do!

All the rules on my airbnb site 


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