IDI 50 years

The department of Computer Science at NTNU is 50 years old. We are celebrating with speeches about the history of Computer Science. Amazing people like 93 years old Norman Sanders, Kjell Bratbergsengen, my dear Geir Høydalsvik (Clustra, Sun, Oracle), Øystein Torbjørnsen (Microsoft), Knut Risvik (Fast), Borgar (Falanx), Agnar Aamodt, Birgit Krogstie, and Jon Atle Gulla have shared their story, that is the story of Computer Science, from the mainframe, to relational databases, PC’s, internet, mobile phones, AI, and not least software engineering. Together with Anna Szlavi, Claudia Cutrupi and Leif E. Opland we shared our IDUN story. About the future nobody knows. I am grateful to IDI and mainly to my professor Reidar Conradi from whom and with whom Iearnt the importance of recruiting clever people who will show the path ahead. Gratulerer med dagen kjære IDI!

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