Takk for maten

Takk for maten. I am Letizia Jaccheri, a normal professor, as I like to call myself after I finished my period as department head. I want to tell you a poem in Italian that is about food, wine, and sea and the shift between joy and worries. You can follow the poem at my blog letiziajaccheri.org - I hope I manage to tell it by heart.

La nebbia a gl'irti colli
piovigginando sale,
e sotto il maestrale
urla e biancheggia il mar;

ma per le vie del borgo
dal ribollir de' tini
va l'aspro odor de i vini
l'anime a rallegrar.

Gira su' ceppi accesi
lo spiedo scoppiettando:
sta il cacciator fischiando
su l'uscio a rimirar

tra le rossastre nubi
stormi d'uccelli neri,
com'esuli pensieri,
nel vespero migrar.

San Martino, Giosue’ Carducci (1835-1907)

We have eaten delicious food from the region of Trøndelag and the wine also made our souls more joyful.

It is a joy to be here with the most intelligent persons I can imagine. Thanks Patricia for sharing your knowledge and time and attentionwith us at NTNU. Thanks Erik for sharing with us your interesting path, I am inspired to learn more about you and your work.

I would like to remind that our department of computer science IDI is now 50 years old. Computer science is like magic, can make extraordinary changes for the better and for the worst. Let us use magic in a way other people will be thankful to us and experience joy.

2 thoughts on “Takk for maten”

  1. Letizia your felt words are amazing! It was really a fourtune meeting you characterised by your professionalism and altruism with such warm smiles. Hope we will have chance to meet again!


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