summer 2022 reflections

the first goal should be mental and physical health in this order. then it comes, in the order one chooses, family, work, friends, sport, volunteering work, etc.. I am surprised it took me 57 years to understand this first goal of health. Good vacation to those who start vacation and good back to work to those like me who opens the PC today or even go back to office or factory.

2 thoughts on “summer 2022 reflections”

  1. My mother always told me that health is the most important thing. Without it, everything else becomes a struggle. I could not agree with you more! To me doing sports helps me maintain both physical and mental health. Nothing like getting ones frustrations out by pounding a tennisball, etc. :-).

    This summer I have discovered pickleball, which I played this 7-8am this morning (head index at 44C thsi evening). Pickleball has some similarities to paddle tennis, but played with a wiffleball (plastic ball with typically 40 holes in it). Lots of fun and becoming very popular in the US, espesially mong the 50+ yr olds. More on it here


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