#keynote at NIKT https://www.ntnu.edu/web/nikt2021/keynote-speakers and ICSOB https://icsob2021.org/program/

This week I will be keynote speaker at:

  1. NIKT https://www.ntnu.edu/web/nikt2021/keynote-speakers (Tuesday 30/11) The Norwegian Annual ICT Conference SLIDES
  2. ICSOB https://icsob2021.org/program/ 12th International Conference on Software Business (Thursday 2/12)

I am very happy and proud that friends and colleagues want to invite me and listen to my ideas, experiences, plans.

I gave my first keynote in XI SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO SOBRE FATORES HUMANOS EM SISTEMAS COMPUTACIONAIS in 2012. I was 47 years old. I hope I will do a good job. I hope to inspire other people that there are different paths to success in academia, and it is never to late to accelerate or slow down, and accelerate again.

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