please pay attention

PLEASE LET US NOT WORK WHILE OTHER PEOPLE TALK TO YOU – 4 weeks into another digital semester, and almost 12 months after digital area start, I want to bring attention on one single point, attention. Personally it makes me sick to talk and see in the eyes of the people and in the position of their hands that they are working at something else. I confess that I do the same sometimes. But let us try not to. I experience that my students ask me about the same that I have just said and shown in my slides, or even worst, both students and assistants who criticize me for non being able to communicate and inform.

In the software development community we have been cooperating digitally for decades. Let us not feel pity of each other, rather pay attention to each other. One practical suggestion is to keep one hand at your face so you show to the other ones that you are not typing. And the question is “what are we typing?” “why are we typing?” may be we should type emails to each other rather than talking and listening if we are not able to do so. Happy weekend everybody

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