time for #work update #covid19

Since March life has changed for everybody, and also for me. Being a white woman with a stable income from two Norwegian universities, a big apartment, good health and a dog, my life has not changed so much for the worst.

What did I and my collaborators do?

We delivered research applications for

  • Society – SwafS-27-2020 (with JCTV, IP, JGE, SP, SC)
  • NFR IKTPLUSS as cooperator (with DC)
  • NFR FRIPRO (2) one as main proposer and one as cooperator (with DC)
  • Impacts of Covid 19 on Disabled and Elderly People (as partners) (with JCTV)

I work for

  • establishing an SFF in software engineering (with TD, DC, JK, KB, NM)
  • my own ERC grant (this one I have almost not dared to say to anybody in fear of loosing motivation) (with my self, scaring!)
  • Project IDUN is going very well – with SF, MH. We employ 9 adjunct female professors from 1st August, better than expected. We also employ hopefully two professors in SE, more info about this when it becomes official.
  • Project IPIT has been prolongued until 30.june.2021 and here we need to do an effort to restart the activities, in spite of COVID19 (with JL)
  • PhD students FQ, OC, LEO work, publish and grow with much help from the co-supervisors ADN, IP, DM, AO.
  • COST Action CA19122 EUGAIN approved, I am proposed as Action Chair.

I have restyled all accounts, google scholar, scopusresearchergate, mendeley, publons.

.ps I go around and listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Mainly in Italian, yesterday I finished Jane Eyre. What a wonderful book, what a wonderful life to be able to read, work, walk, etc.

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