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Time for a small update from Montreal. First I am home sick. I will manage but I count the nights away, still 6 nights to go since I will be in Michigan next week. It is called work, so it is ok that it is a bit hard.

On the social side, I have catched up with the many excellent Italian abroad and made some new connections. I have never been so strategic in networking, I sit there and if somebody wants to talk me, I am glad. The morning run was my favorite part. And the Gemini center dinner organized by Viktoria Stray.

On the scientific side, the keynote by Margaret-Anne Storey was so extremely well done, of course I am impressed in front of such cleverness and success (slides here). However, it was more like a mini course in empirical methods and I must admit still very difficult to follow even for me who has been teaching empirical software engineering. I hope students and industry find it useful.

The gender workshop was well organized and I made good connections, that are useful for the Idun project and Kodeløypa.

Pictures will say more. Happy to have met one of my professors, now rector Paola Inverardi. You cannot tell who is the professor who is the student, also because we are both (running) professors.

.ps so many things I did not know: journal first, commodity, community smells…

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