never go to work with #mascara


I thought it should be a normal day, no difficult matters, no challenging meetings. It is not snowing nor raining so I decided to put on some mascara today. It was a big mistake because now I have black lines coming down my face. I found a letter in my mailbox, the letter that Anne Sørvik has written to us, after 36 years at IDI. Anne is happy for the many interesting years at NTNU (36!) but she also regrets that she has worked too much when her boys were small and that she has always aimed at a perfection in her work that was not required. She is also afraid that her work has not always been appreciated.

I want to thank you Anne for everything I have learned from you, for the good cooperation during these years since I came as an exchange student almost 30 years ago, til we employed several professors and dozens of temporary staff in the last years.

I will miss you a lot. I think it was good you worked so hard, your sons and my sons and all the young people have to understand that we (and they!) have to work if you want to achieve something. And you have – on behalf of IDI – achieved a lot.

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