#Morsgaver ‪#time #‎fretex

I am reading a wonderful Norwegian book I cannot wait to write about. It is Mors Gaver written by Cecilie Enger. It is about time. Time is life and life is time.  I am just coming back from ‪#‎fretexpopupshop ‪#‎mercursenteret. One of the beautiful pieces was a jacket that once had belonged to me. I had bought it in Italy when we still had lire and I had bought new buttons here in Trondheim. It was such a joy to see that jacket again that I wanted almost to buy it once again. I had bought it with some money I had get from my father. Father’s presents. In these days I am also helping my friend Michela with her blog faceboost.org – it is so funny to interact with Michela again. Yesterday she said that I have the some spirit I had as a young girl when I put salt on our heads when we struggled (and never gave up) with math problems.

Me, the jacket, and Laura in Torino in 2003 when Torino was preparing for Winter Olimpics Games.

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