Michail Giannakos @ntnu @nfr

Letizia Jaccheri


  • NFR Young Research talent  FINNUT 255129 – FUTURE LEARNING: Orchestrating 21st Century Learning Ecosystems using Analytics
    NTNU, Michail Giannakos

I reblog this post from October/2015. Facebook reminds me that this picture was taken 3 years ago during the OurToys project. People use to say that time goes fast. I sometimes believe the opposite. I cannot believe that only 3 years have passed since Michalis came as an ERCIM postdoc. And I almost cannot believe that he has managed to achieve so much.
According to ResearchGate Michalis has already as double impact as me (I am 20 years older and I have a decent publication record).
Michalis has contributed to attract SOCRATIC and works actively for establishing an SFU at IDi. He is also teaching WebTek with 300 students.
.ps the tag women in computing is also important. Since OurToys project Michalis has been interested in working for improving the…

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