life is wonderful – livet er et underverk – la vita e’ meravigliosa

Today I spent two hours at IKEA because NYTTIG FIL 440 does not fit UNDERVERK ventilator. It is the third time in three days that I drive to IKEA. The purpose of this post is not to share all the details of my suffering but since I do not find this problem when I google it, I hope that somebody with the same problem will find this post and me. IKEA promised to check as they admit that the filter NYTTIG FIL 440 does not fit the new UNDERVERK on the contrary of what is specified.

The funny thing is that underverk means wonders and nyttig means useful, not useful and not wonderful yet.

27 thoughts on “#IKEA #NYTTIG #UNDERVERK #problem”

  1. This saved me a lot of puzzling – thanks! On closer inspection, the underverk instructions do show to just screw the filters on, no brackets, but the filter instructions (Nyttigfil 440) show the filters being screwed into the (now useless) plastic brackets.

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  2. Thank you very much. I’ll try tomorrow but I guess you are right. I was getting very upset of not beeing able to couple that bloody plastic rings! IKEA instructions were really awful this time!!!
    Grazie mille,

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  3. grrrr, even build that vent off the cabinet and still could not attach that damn plastic, thank god i have found your post! thank you very much for posting this!

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  4. Thank you for the time saver. When using recycled mode do you still need to use the ventilation pipe? Instructions seem to indicate yes, but I thought that was why you buy a recycle filter so you don’t have to.

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  5. You just saved me from throwing the vent out of the window of my 6th floor flat. Have a nice Xmas. Best regards Kirsten


  6. How do you clean these filters? I remember something from the paper they came with (and I lost) that you can put them in the dishwasher, but that you should also put them in the oven at something like 120° C afterwards to reactivate the charcoal. Now, I can find something about the dishwasher on the IKEA website, but not about the oven. Does anybody still have the manual and can tell how the process works? Thanks!


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