@ntnu Professor Asgeir J. Sørensen about SFF Amos

Listening to Professor Asgeir J. Sørensen who is talking about the (SFF) Centre for autonomous marine operations and systems AMOS.

What I learn:

1. you need several exellent cv’s to be able to win an SFF (it is not enough with “I love you, you love me, you need a cooperation record documented by common publications”)

2. the loney professor does not go anywhere

3. 700 MNOK 92 PhD

4. start with global challenges (related to environmental and climate, safe …,  renewable energy …)

5. a lot of focus on software and AI

6. challenges – legal, social acceptance, employment issues, safety and risks management, big data! what do we mean by big data? who owns the data? the digital big bang – “vi er bare på starten av start”

7. “we should be inspired by nature and take the characteristics into technology”

8. SFF has freedom to foster innovation activities without being bound to specific companies – AMOS school of innovation

all in all very impressive and inspiring.

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